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Our programs are a source of creativity with our dynamic classes tailored for young minds. In our programs, children have the opportunity to engage in a variety of artistic expressions. From ballet and tap dance to the magic of theater and the cinematic adventure of film, our classes cater to any child that wants to express themselves.


Led by experienced instructors, each session is a blend of learning and fun, fostering self-expression and creativity. Join us as we twirl, tap, act, and film our way into the world of the arts. It's more than just classes; it's an invitation to discover the joy of artistic exploration and expression!

All in One Creative Expressions Class

dance, theater, and film class in Encinitas

Are you looking for a dance, theater, or film class in Encinitas? Our All in One Creative Expressions class allows your child to try all three within one class! Your Innovator will get to explore of dance, theater, and film in a friendly environment. As a bonus, the innovators will produce a family showcase at the end of the session. This class is perfect for creative children in Encinitas, CA. 

Our Classes


The innovators will learn the foundational techniques of ballet and tap.


They will have the chance to learn different compositional skills, such as improvisation, sequencing, and musicality. 


Our theater class teaches the basics of theatrical education while allowing the children’s imagination to take center stage.

The children will work with inquiry-based theater methods to bring a group story to life at our session culmination.


The innovators will get to an introduction into the world of film.

They will create projects that will reflect their own ideas and imaginations.

Seasonal Showcases

Each class session will culminate with a seasonal showcase. Our Seasonal Showcases will give your Innovator the chance to shine! Whether it's through their own choreography, script writing, or costume design, your Innovator will be a part of the creative process from start to beginning. 


Take a peek at the classes we plan to add to our program in the future, stay tuned!

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