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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What ages is this for? 

Our classes are designed for students ages 4.5 to 16. If your child is outside of this age range, or outside of the age range listed for a specific class, please reach out to us directly!

What makes your program different? 

Our program makes creativity a priority. We intentionally carve out time in every class for your child to get to learn different creative tools. Check out more about our class structure here.

Can my Child take more than one class? 

Of course! Part of our goal is to offer the Innovators multiple avenues of exploration. We are happy to have your child join us for different classes. All of our classes are structured similarly with fantastic instructors!

Is your program competitive? 

While we do have a focus on students refining their chosen craft(s) through technical practice and showcases, we do not have a focus on competition. Our environment is collaborative in nature. We want each budding artist to walk away from every class with feelings of joy, confidence, and fun. 

Do you take homeschool funds?

At this moment we do not, but we would love to! We are willing to become an approved vendor for your chosen charter school. Please reach out to us directly so that we can begin the process.

Where are you located? 

We will be running our first Creative Expressions class in collaboration with the brand new Pacific View Arts center. We couldn't be more excited to launch our program in such a great community!

I still have more questions!

We would love to set up an Introduction Call with you to answer any pending questions! We understand that choosing the  right program for your child is an important decision. Set up some time to chat with us here. 

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