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Our Project Based Approach 

The classes at The Young Innovators Collective are creative arts classes, with a twist! We're all about getting kids excited about dance, theater, and film in a fun and hands-on way.


Your child will get to be a part of the behind-the-scenes action as they take part in creating stories, dances, and even films. Experienced Educators will lead the Innovators in different projects throughout the year. It's not just about art – it's about building skills such as confidence, teamwork, and creativity. 

Colorful Cycle Diagram Graph.png

The Innovators Class Structure

Every class at The Young Innovators Collective is designed to give your child a solid foundation in their chosen art form while still leaving plenty of room for creativity.

Plus, they'll have the opportunity to work with their classmates on exciting group projects, where they'll learn the importance of collaboration and teamwork. There is a balanced mix of structured learning and hands-on fun, all geared towards helping your child grow and thrive in the world of the arts.

Group Discussion



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