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The Young Innovators Collective


art and theater classes for children in Encinitas
little girl singing lessons  in Encinitas
film classes for children in Encinitas
dance classes for children in Encinitas
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"Where Kids Rule the Stage"

All in One Creative Expressions Class

dance, theater, and film class in Encinitas

Are you looking for a dance, theater, or film class in Encinitas? Our All in One Creative Expressions class allows your child to try all three within one class! Your Innovator will get to explore of dance, theater, and film in a friendly environment. As a bonus, the innovators will produce a family showcase at the end of the session. This class is perfect for creative children in Encinitas, CA. 

little girl taking ballet classes in Encinitas
theater lessons in Encinitas
film and photography lessons in Encinitas
art lessons for children in Encinitas

Our classes




& More to Come

Our classes give your child the chance to express themselves through dance, theater, and film. Not only will our innovators learn the beginnings and basics of the performing arts, they will also gain the skills to be a part of the creative process.

We combine technical and creative skills such as musicality, composition, improvisation, and more. Your child will have a one of a kind experience as they take everything that they have learned and  the chance to bring everything they have learned to the stage. The Innovators are as a part of the creative process as the Educators. 

Join us August 17th as we launch our first Creative Expressions class at the brand new Pacific View Arts Center. 

Child-Centered Approach


Small Class Ratios




Learning Environment

Our Philosophy

At The Young Innovators Collective, we're firm believers in the magic of art.  The mission at the Young Innovators Collective is to bring the child's voice to the forefront. Our classes combine technique and creativity, giving your child a chance to truly express themselves. This is done with the encouragement and support of our seasoned Educators.


We are a place for budding creative minds, where we don't just teach art; we nurture it. Dance, Theater, Film (and eventually more) we explore it together. 

dance classes for children in Encinitas

Community First

Who Are We? 

Who are the Innovators?

We are not your traditional arts program. We have a passion for developing the voices of the young artists in San Diego. The Educators at the Young Innovators Collective truly believe in empowering students to have their own voice, and we plan to do this by offering a variety of artistic mediums and opportunities to showcase what they have learned.

The Innovators are passionate, zany, creative, and spirited! They have ideas and dreams that they want to share with those around them. The Innovators move with soul and excitement. They are singers, dancers, writers, inventors, and more. Did we mention that here, the Innovators rule the stage?

Our Vision

The Young Innovators Collective will become the headquarters for young creatives to design, collaborate, and bring their ideas to life. By the time the Innovators graduate from the program, they will become the directors, choreographers, costume designers, and stage technicians of our Seasonal Showcases.

Our Promise to Families

We promise to provide a safe and nurturing environment for your young artist to flourish. Through consistent communication and weekly updates, you will be connected to your child's artistic journey from the beginning. 

theater, dance, and film classes in Encinitas

Our Mission.

Our mission is to amplify the voices of young creatives.


We believe in the significance of empowering the next generation to breathe life into their artistic visions.

Connect with Us

Pacific View Arts Center 
Encinitas, CA 

619 - 609 - 7684

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We look forwad to speaking!

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